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In-house Concierge, Professional Wedding Planner, and Justice of the peace. AMIC caters many events: Weddings, Anniversaries, Family Reunions, Meetings. On the beach, bayside, or in one of our large apartments.

Making Memories Here with Us.

Our Tortuga Beach Resort, Tradewinds Beach Resort, SeaSide Beach Resort and Tropic Isle Beach Resort are the perfect choice for your wedding or other special event, either in combination with a big, smashing event at a local restaurant, or a more private, intimate affair right here in your resort suite. Our staff looks forward to helping you organize your event, be it a big, smashing gala, or a more private, intimate affair right here in your resort suite.and to As a courtesy, we'll extend our group discounts across the board to include each of our four hotels, so you'll get credit for the total number of reservations no matter which hotel they're in. We want you to make your memories here with us. We know you'll come back to visit us again and again.

Just What You Imagined. The sun is setting over a gentle sea. An offshore breeze freshens the twilight hours. A beautiful bride (you), wearing a crown of flowers and a flowing white veil (possibly embellished with tiny shells), walks (barefoot) through the soft white sand toward her handsome groom, who is waiting for her under a jasmine-covered arbor (with an orchid in his lapel). And all around are family and friends - relaxed, happy - with glasses of champagne in their hands and all sans shoes - in anticipation of this special occasion.

Who Needs a Cathedral? This is the way to go, here, on Anna Maria Island, where the beauty of the sea and the relaxed atmosphere make it the perfect place for weddings and other special events. Our little island has become one of the favorite wedding destinations in the country. It's unspoiled. It's easy to get to. It doesn't cost an arm and a leg. And, at Tortuga, Tradewinds, Seaside and Tropic Isle they have a everything you could need for the perfect relaxed wedding.

Our new Pergola is our new addition to Tortuga Inn's Private Beach! The perfect place for your wedding reception, engagement party or any special occasion. Right on our private powder white beach... it doesn't get more romantic than this!

All photography courtesy of Dara Caudill